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Attracting Backlinks Naturally
The Perfect Backlink
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Attracting links naturally as we all know is the only way forward. Using any automated software link tool isn’t going to obtain the perfect link or the quality of that link that we want.

With Google making us re-evaluate our strategies and approaches with outreach it’s clear that its not easy and is of a timely process to get those quality links that we so heavenly want.

However Google is starting to help guide us through the misty fog that awaits us by telling us what kind of links we need to get. Google wants us to attract natural links from relevant websites from ours.

Also where that links is placed also determines the quality of the link we get. The simplest way for us to do this is to provide a really high quality post that is related to our niche.

If you’re just going to random websites in your niche thinking this or that website is related to yours then you could be going down the wrong road.

Instead let Google tell you what they think is relevant to your website. I will explain this is a moment but first let me also explain why building relationships with bloggers and website owners first will excel your results down the line.

Many people approach bloggers and website owners completely wrong and they wonder why they get rejected so many times. Most of the time is just a case of getting in front of the site owner one and one and telling them how much of a fan you are of there work etc.

If you just go guns blazing with an email saying. “Hi Bob, I love your content I was wondering can I do a guest post to get a backlink to our website”, then don’t be surprised to get rejected for such stupidity and ignorance.

In fact even if you know or read and also commented on there blog for some time you might still get rejected. The best approach to attracting yourself with them is to communicate with them personally only after you have built some initial trust with them either using Facebook or Twitter.

Commenting on there blog with great feedback and advice and contributing to the community, oh and also not adding a link into the comments field. This also shows you are being helpful and joining in the conversation with others. This makes you stand out more.

Let’s put it into another perspective, if some random person came knocking on your door and said “hi, would you like to buy my new tool set? then you’re most likely going to say no thanks, please don’t call again.

However if the same person came knocking on your door with his toolkit for sale and you knew him as a trusted friend in his industry trade with a great reputation and he said would you be interested in buying our new range of tools you would be more receptive to be interested more because of the trusted signals that he has earned and brings to the table.

The more you build your credibility within your niche and the more you are contributing to the community the better chances you will have at people connecting with you on a core level will be far greater with what you are selling or pitching.

So now that you know how to approach and communicate with other like minded bloggers ect this is where Google’s becomes our little helper.

Google is going to help us find relevant websites within our niche and give us a list of perfect websites where to get perfect backlinks from.

Go to Google and type in related: along with the URL of your page.

Other Related Websites

Google will then list lots of website pages that it thinks will benefit your websites authority by attracting links from them. Google shows the indexed websites in order of importance as well.

You now have a list of websites to go after. You might find some websites that are not relevant such as ecommerce sites like Amazon or sites that you can’t contribute to via content, just simply move on down the list to find more relevant websites.

Don’t forget the key process to doing this is engaging and contributing to the community first on a helpful friendly bases to build that initial trust with them first. Then in a friendly manner approach them after they get to know you more.

Don’t get emotional upset if they say no its just a part of the process. Just continue with the momentum and move onto the next one. Just apply the basic principles above.

Now the perfect backlink

After you have got to that staged of joining in with the conversation and engaging with other like minded people its now time to explain what makes the perfect backlink.

Your perfect backlink should be:

  • Your backlink needs to be at the top of the page if possible, above the fold is more valued than at the bottom of the page.
  • In the body of the content and not in a sidebar or in the footer for that matter.
  • The link needs to be a little larger than the surrounding content. Bold or italicized is preferable enough to make your link stand out.
  • This is obvious but your backlink needs to look like a link.

The anchor text of your link needs to contain the keywords you’re targeting. However let me rephrase that, the anchor text needs to look natural and not look commercial intent. Here are some others:

  • The words (content) needs to be related to the topic the link is on
  • The page the link is on needs to have less other outbound links as possible to avoid and reduce the value of the link.
  • The target URL has to be related to the topic as the link is on
  • The URL also needs to be on a separate host to the page the link is on

So with these in place there are other relevant and important issues that play a significant role with your perfect backlinks and they are:

  • Spreading your link profile with a natural diverse of links from other sources such as quality comments, Forum comments, Quality Article directories and links from PR 0 Websites and upwards will obtain that healthy natural link profile.
  • You also need to a have good diversity linking structure, so getting 20 backlinks from 20 different websites that are relevant and authority are far better than getting 10 links from one high PR website in your niche which only counts as one vote.
  • Having said that what makes you more authority and different from your competitors is attracting backlinks from higher PR websites but also obtaining low level backlinks as well.

Backlinking is a timely process and one that requires you to always attract backlinks regularly. If you obtain 100 links in a few days or a few weeks but gain no new backlinks after 2 months then you’re going to find your rankings drop down in the SERPS. Google wants you to slowly and gradually get backlinks instead of all at once.

Ultimately the idea is to get as many high quality relevant backlinks as possible to improve your SEO but most importantly to get people to click your links in the process.

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